Our vision is to make 200 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child as South Gate Alliance and bring joy and the gospel to kids all over the world.  This year, we're collecting items and making boxes differently, so we can make more than previously and have more participation.

This is one ministry that is both outreach oriented and that we can do as ONE church, regardless of language and service time.  It can be done throughout all fellowships and ministries.  It is a unifying ministry opportunity to reach out and call people to serve and give, especially during Christmas.

Update - Nov 19 - Friday's packing party was a huge success with about 75 children, teens and adults of South Gate Alliance coming out and packing a whopping 345 boxes and raising $1230. 

  • You can still bring in shoeboxes and put then in our FOYER until Nov 27th.
  • Our fund raising goal of sponsoring the 200 boxes is still $2000, but we would also like to sponsor the 145 boxes we didn't anticipate making.  If we can sponsor those extra boxes, that would be wonderful.  Donation info is here!


  • Our Goals
    • Make and fill 200 boxes with OCC items, donated by anyone.  
    • Raise $2000 for the 200 boxes ($10 each for shipping and handling)
  • Who can get involved?
    • This is an outreach that South Gate Alliance, English, Cantonese and Mandarin congregations are doing together, from Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, up to adult ministries.  Anyone can donate supplies or money, and assemble the 200 boxes on Friday, Nov 18th.
  • How can you help?  There are six ways you can participate:
    • Donate items for the 200 shoeboxes.  Instead of you making one shoebox as a family or team, we ask people to donate items for the the boxes so collectively, we can make 200 full boxes.  We need at least 200 of each basic item (like packs of crayons, notebooks or erasers) to make each of these boxes and 200 “WOW” items.  This is our list of items we are gathering.
    • Come to our packing party on November 18th to help assemble the 200 boxes together.
    • You can give financially to our $2000 goal to ship the boxes.
    • You can still make and fill a whole shoebox as a family or group like usual.
    • Pray for each of these boxes that they would be received with the gospel.
    • Help volunteer on a Sunday at our table - we need at least one person to stand at our table each Sunday to collect donations and answer questions.  If you’re willing to help, please contact Pastor Matt at mgaw@southgatealliance.org!


Nov 18th Packing Party

Friday, Nov 18th at 7pm in the sanctuary will be a giant shoebox packing party for Operation Christmas Child. 

The vision is for all  three congregations, from children to youth, to young adults, to old adults are invited to come and participate in this fun event where we as a church assemble 200 boxes.  

It will be a giant assembly line of individuals taking an empty box, and going through our line of tables and putting in school supplies, WOW items, toys, clothes, hygiene items and everything else.  At the end of those tables will be an area for you to write a letter to whoever receives that shoebox you've assembled and for you to pray for them.


UPDATE - Oct 29

  • We are in need of a lot more of these items: hygiene products (tooth brushes, soap, face cloths, nail clippers, combs, etc), pencils, sharpeners and erasers and small craft kits.  Please bring them if you can!
  • We need a great deal more WOW items.  Each box gets a "Wow" item.  It's the item that is super awesome and exciting that would bring great joy to the child recieving it.  It's great to have a box filled with supplies and goods, but there should be at least one wow super item for each box and child.  Here are some ideas of what those can be:

    Solar calculator
    Jump rope
    Garden gloves and trowel
    Christmas beads
    Flash lights with batteries
    Small tools
    Cool toys
    Toy cars
    Deflated ball & pump
    Outfit of clothes